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Sewer Cleanup Services Respond to Sewer Troubles in Flint by Leo Nov

October 27, 2015
In the year 2000, Flint city's sewer system overflowed, flooding 150 households with sewage. Consequently, affected Flint residents filed a lawsuit against the city. The legal battle went on for years and finally in October of 2009, Flint's local government agreed to a $9.3 million settlement of the case.

Unfortunately, while this big lawsuit has come to an end, the sewer problems of the city are not yet done - not for the government or for its residents. The city will still battle a couple more sewerage lawsuits and residents still have to live with Flint's faulty sewerage system.

Many residents have actually left because they couldn't live with the constant risk of sewage backup. In fact, one homeowner who is among the plaintiffs who sued Flint in 2000 reported that his home experienced flooding 7 more times since the filing of the lawsuit and his sewer cleanup costs have already reached $42,000. It was like buying his house twice at its price 10 years ago.

What's wrong with Flint's Sewers?

Flint's public sewer system is designed in such a way that both sanitary sewage and storm water are deposited into it. When storms and heavy rainfall occurs, the sewer system lacks the capacity to hold the sudden additional large volume of water causing the sewage to back up in homes.

Additionally, one health department's survey in 2006 showed that Flint residents also have septic tank problems. They said septic systems were not suitable to Flint's low-lying terrain, which is composed of clay soil that sometimes becomes oversaturated by the nearby creek. The local government has pledged to seek a solution to their sewerage issues but until something is actually done, sewer cleanup will unfortunately remain a regular thing for many Flint residents.

When to Hire Professional Cleanup Services

Homeowners don't need to call for professional services if the spill is minimal or there is no real damage aside from a small area being contaminated with the sewage. In this case, all that's needed is to clean the affected area immediately and ensure that it is disinfected. Regular household cleaners and disinfectants can be used following the directions on the product label.

On the other hand, Flint residents should contact a professional cleanup company if the overflow has flooded and contaminated a large part of the house. Regardless of whether the sewage is raw or sanitary, it is best to leave the job to sewer cleanup professionals.

Why Hire Professional Cleanup Services

Being exposed to sewage water can result in negative health effects including skin infections, allergies, vomiting, abdominal pain and respiratory illnesses. Because sewage contamination has serious risks to one's health, cleaning up sewage overflows should be tank drainfield done by licensed professionals who are knowledgeable on safe and proper cleanup methods.

Additionally, removing sewage is just one part of the cleanup process. Proper drying of the affected areas is crucial or else, the area will remain damp and become the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew as well as other harmful microbes. The house will then start to have a lingering unpleasant odor. Ultimately, the environment inside the house will become unpleasant and unsanitary. That is why it is very important for Flint homeowners to hire a licensed sewer cleanup professional who can guarantee the job is done properly without any health risks to anyone.

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