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Drains Running Slow, Try an Enzyme Drain Cleaner

October 27, 2015
After my success in correcting my slow running drain, I did some research on Enzyme Drain Cleaners and here is what I learned;

There are 10s of millions of bacteria in each spoonful. Each will eat its weight in waste every 60 seconds. They double in number every 30 minutes, and as they multiply they will spread throughout the entire drain system.

If a clog is made up of biodegradable material an enzyme drain cleaner will attack the clog and remove it, however, in most cases the stoppage is not caused by a blob of something in the trap. Most likely, it is several feet of pipe that is filled with gunk, and it may take several days for the bacteria to eat through this long blockage. With this type of blockage it is suggested that a plumbing snake be used to restore the flow. Then begin enzyme treatments to remove any remaining waste build-up. A regular maintenance treatment should then be started.

Most clogged or slow moving drains will see improvement in a day or two. More stubborn clogs should see results in one to three weeks. The cleaning process is not complete with an initial three day treatment. The time is determined by the type of material the build-up is comprised of grease, soap, hair and the length of the drainage lines.

Chemical drain cleaners certainly can and sometimes should be used to open clogs quickly, but the strongest chemicals in the world cant climb the side walls of horizontal pipes. Gravity makes all chemicals run along the bottom of the drain system. Chemicals cant remove much waste in waste vertical pipes because they flow through so quickly. The bacteria in enzyme drain cleaners are live and will go anywhere there is food. They will remove the gunk chemicals leave behind.

Enzyme drain cleaners do not contain acid, lye, solvents, perfume or poisonous substances.

Enzyme drain cleaners will attack tree roots if they are completely dead. Roots enter sewer pipes seeking the rich organic food supplied by the build-up. As roots feed on the waste they grow, branch out and eventually restrict flow. Periodic use of enough enzyme drain cleaner and water to reach the root area will eliminate the waste they seek. In this way, the use of enzyme drain cleaners can discourage root growth in sewer pipes.

Periodic use of enzyme drain cleaners can be very beneficial to a septic system. The bacteria in enzyme drain cleaners are specially selected to digest a larger variety of waste, and metabolize it faster than naturally occurring bacteria or yeast additives. Oil, fats, grease and paper are very difficult for intestinal bacteria to handle. Enzyme drain cleaners are very effective on these materials. It increases solids destruction, so fewer pumping are needed.

Enzyme drain cleaners stop odors by digesting waste which is the source of odor.

Enzyme drain cleaners will digest hair, but it does take much longer than most any other organic material. In drains, soap scum, skin oils, etc. bond hair to pipe surfaces. Enzyme drain cleaners digest these other materials more quickly, which releases the hair to wash downstream. It would be smart to try to keep hair out of the drain system by using drain screens in sinks and showers where people wash your hair, and bath their pets.

Clogs in laundry room drains are usually caused by lint and fabric particles building up in the pipes, enzyme drain cleaners are not affective for these types of clogs. These are best removed by using a plumbing snake. To prevent this type of drainage problem use either a store bought lint screen or an old nylon stocking. Place the filter or stocking over the end of your washing machine discharge hose to capture most of the fabric particles.

Better for the environment, and better performance. Can't ask for more, so if you are frustrated by slow or clogged drains, try an enzyme drain cleaner.

The research for this article was taken from information gathered on the internet and from my personal experience in improving slow and clogged drains in my house.

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